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Link your clients to everything they need for their exercise success

The Rehab Links Home Exercise software is a unique, web-based health and fitness software program that allows you to communicate exercise prescriptions with easy instructions, videos and photos to help clients stay on track. We partnered with Wibbi (formerly known as Physiotec), the leading expert in web-based home exercise technology, to help us integrate our exercises into a user-friendly program that allows therapists to quickly access an extensive library to design the most effective home program for their patients.

What Our Patients Are Saying

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Wibbi selects the leading clinical educators around the world and hand-picked a diverse range of renowned partners to ensure that their platforms offer the most extensive array of exercise prescription options. Lisa and Mark were excited to be invited to collaborate with Wibbi in 2012 and to offer Movement Restoration Module through Rehab Links which included hundreds of exercises from their Exercise Course.

Sneak Peak and What to Expect

  • Access high-quality video tutorials, images and instructions through an extensive exercise library using intelligent search technology. The system offers various specialty sections including orthopedics, geriatrics and the Movement Restoration module which includes all the exercises from the Exercise Courses.
  • Engaging exercise tracking feature to get better compliance and interaction with your clients such as pain levels, exercise tolerance, plus more
  • Extensive educational tools, document library and customized templates


  • Ability to email or text programs
  • Create print outs with step-by-step instructions branded to your clinic and various layouts to meet your clients needs.
  • Links to your EMR and website to customize the client experience
  • Available on any mobile device or web browser
  • Quickly and easily add your own photos, videos, exercises and protocols, or request and exercise be added.

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Empower clients to have the freedom to access their customized home programs anywhere in the world

  • Improved compliance and communication with clients
  • More efficient access to program. Take programs with you to the gym, the park or anywhere in the world. Just a click away on your mobile device or computer.

Beautiful On Any Device

Our exercise software for rehabilitation professionals is web-based, which means you and your patients can access it any time, on any device. Whether you’re on your laptop at home, your desktop at the clinic or your phone on the go, Wibbi is ready for you.

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